Segno Italiano

What is Segno Italiano? 
Segno Italiano is a company that endorses and markets high-quality Italian artisan products internationally.

The company is involved in creating a system among small, qualitatively significant artisan enterprises through a social and multimedia platform. It also organizes ad hoc events, has set up a discussion blog and creates documentary video. 
Its search and selection process is very precise and favours ateliers that have a deep-rooted history in the Italian market –  a history that is centennial in most cases. 
It protects and promotes districts that have distinctive and peculiar manufacturing values and which are highly recognisable, thanks to the specific details of their products.

Segno Italiano works as a commercial agent for artisans on the global market, as a contemporary editor of top-level products with which to sketch thematic scenarios of Italian home life, as an art director creating tailor-made collections for customers, and as an interior designer for private homes, shops and the food service industry.


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