Status sediment project

The current concept of the Sediment Project takes inspiration from a few major natural phenomena that shape the appearance of the natural world and translates them into human production techniques. The aim of the project is to create objects for daily use that gain attractiveness by reflecting these natural processes.

The following processes form the basis of the concept.

Sediment layers are layers of soil or rock that form over long periods of thousands or even million years. Each layer has a different make-up in terms of material, composition, density, etcetera. Every layer says something about the time and climate it was created in. The layers are not made with any intention but the fact they have been created under certain circumstances gives them a meaning and sometimes even a purpose. For example, their composition and inclusions like fossils are time capsules that reveal the history of the world to us.
Translating sedimentation into the human production process one could look at several properties; layering of (different) materials, forming (slowly) over time, compressing particles into a solid volume, encapsulating objects, capturing time, capturing different moments or methods of creation.


Carving out the volumes of material that have been shaped over time, revealing  patterns, layers and materials.
CNC milling, lathing, routing, filing, sand blasting, sawing and many more reductive techniques can replicate this.

Fossils, crystals, precious stones, metals, gases, oil. Precious materials, natural tresiours.
Including objects in resin, glue, and then revealing them.

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