The formula to succes ;-)

Working on a project in steps:

1. What – description of the tasks to realise the project or part of it – What will I make?

2. How – methods and actions to achieve the goal – How will I go about doing it?

3. Why – questioning the underlying motivation of my actions and decisions – Why am I interested in what I chose to do? Why am I doing what I do?

4. Analyze – analysing what I’ve done – What have I done? What is it that I’m doing? What do I like about it? What is good about it? What do I not feel good about? What went wrong? What is wrong about it?

5. Why – What are the reasons for everything in step 4 – Why is it good? Why is it bad? Why did I think it would work in the first place? Why did I choose to do go this path?

6. Evaluate – evaluate what do to next, and what to keep and what not – What shall I keep moving forward? How does my current work relate to my initial idea? Do I need to adjust my targets?  What are the next steps?


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