Material test on the wood lathe

Although I’m not sure exactly how and for what project to use this, but I’m very interested in combining different woods – or even other materials – almost as sediment layers and then turn them on the lathe.

To conduct my first experiment I was quite exciting and I didn’t have the patience to prepare my work properly. So I glued different bits of wood around a 22 mm (approx) oak stick and didn’t really care too much about creating a nice octagonal shape. A workshop assistant saw me preparing and summoned my to prepare better.

Even when I had sewn off all the bits that stuck out, it was much harder to work with it on the wood lathe than I had imagined. The workshop guy took my work to the metal lathe. Only then we managed to get it into shape, as the metal lathe doesn’t rely on human hands holding a chisel.

It costed me half a day which I could have avoided by preparing better, but it did allow me to get introduced to the metal lathe 😉

The first experiment works quite well. Some findings:

  • the different layers of different woods look beautiful
  • black mdf really adds something special
  • big differences between wide and narrow parts take it away from traditional looking wood turning
  • layered multiplex also looks amazing, I’d like to find different sorts multiplex. It looks especially cool when you turn it into a slope



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